Shorten, Track & Protect Your Affiliate Links & Your PROFITS!

What We Can Offer Our Free Members:
Protect Your Profits!
Cloak Your Affiliate Links!
Shorten Your Affiliate Links!
Editable Tracking Links!
Commission from Each Upgraded Member You Refer.
Receive Sign Up Bonuses!

For Our Pro Members:
Protect Your Profits!
Cloak Your Affiliate Links!
Shorten Your Affiliate Links!
Editable Tracking Links!
Commission from Each Upgraded Member You Refer.
Unlimited Tracking URLs!
Receive A Free Banner Ad*
Receive Sign Up Bonuses! Membership Benefits:
  • Real time stats on your marketing campaign
  • See which ads are getting results and increase sales results
  • Easy and User friendly program with quick access
  • 24/7 access with recorded IP addresses, dates and times
  • Shortens, Cloaks and Track affiliate links
  • Track the number of times your downloads are accessed
  • Help protect your affiliate commissions
  • Track your banner and text ads in real time
  • Solve the URL "wrapping" in your email and newsletter links
  • Editable tracking links
  • Unlimited Shorten and Tracking URLs (pro)
  • No software to install and no programming required
  • No setup fees or installation fees
  • Free Members and Upgraded Members are Paid when their referrals upgrade to Pro membership.
  • Here is How the Shortener/Cloaker Works:

    Change this URL:

    To this Shorten URL:

    ~ In Summary ~

      We have 2 Memberships to choose from:
      Free Membership Benefits
       + Shorten 10 URL's.
       + Detailed Stats

    Free Members will be Paid $0.10 for each pro member you refer.

      Pro Membership Benefits

       + Shorten UNLIMITED URL's.
       + IP & Date Tme Detailed Stats for all the hits for last 10 days.
       + Earn $5.00 Monthly for each Pro member you refer.
       + Receive 1 Banner Ad Placement.
    No Top Frame with banner advertisement at your shorten url.
       + And More!

    *Receive a FREE Banner Ad w/5,000 impressions, if you Join & Upgrade to Pro Membership.
    *PLEASE NOTE: Banner ads will be approved and added manually within 24 to 48 hours after receiving your payment receipt#, your name, your username and your Banner Ad Link and your Website URL!
    Send Your Banner Ad Info to:
    Mention the ClickHere2Join Program when sending us your Banner Info.

    Sign Up and Begin Protecting Your Profits Today!


    Sign Up Using a GMAIL or GOOGLEMail Email Account ONLY!
    Please Read Our FAQs and Terms Page Before Joining
    You will be held legally responsible for knowing what is on these pages and what URLs you cloak.

    NOTICE: is a free to join cloaking and URL shortening site! We are NOT an MLM, Pyramid scheme or "Get Rich Quick" program. We do not require people who join our site to pay any fees to participate in our site. You are Not required to refer anyone to our site or to have a website or to sell any products to use our services. You will not get rich by using our website. We are strictly a website where you can cloak or shirten your website or affiliate URLs. While using our services, do not cloak or shorten any URLs that have to do with MLM Schemes, HYIPs, high click rate PTCs, randomizers, cyclers, asking for donations, cash gifting, panhandling, or PIFs. ClickHere2Join.comis is a shortening and/or cloaking URL service. When you sign up You Agree to Receive emails from our admins, from the membership and from our newsletter. Use a gmail email address when signing up and keep it cleaned out. If you no longer want to receive informational emails from the Admin, Login, go to the Profile Area and Delete your account. Step 2. If you are recieving our Newsletters, go to your  email box, find one our Newsletters and click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our newsletters, do not send them to the spam box - Thank You & May God Bless!


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